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Sit down with Adam to define your goals, assess your current ability, and get to know what it’s like belonging to the CrossFit North Port community. We are here to make you feel comfortable and answer any questions you may have.

 There is absolutely no pressure or obligation, and no matter what you’ll walk away with your InBody Results Sheet, and a deeper understanding of your health and goals.

Join Our Community

 Our community is our greatest asset. People come to CrossFit because they want to be stronger, faster, they want to sleep better, and have more energy, and it delivers on all those counts—but they stay in CrossFit because of the community. We do hard work here, and sometimes it’s going to feel impossible. But the person next to you is in it with you, and they will tell you to get up when you feel like giving up.

Membership here is not a number or a contract, it is a feeling of real belonging.

The Process is easy

We have carefully designed our on-boarding process to ensure that you are comfortable, capable, and ultimately successful in the attainment of your goals. We are here to build lasting and rewarding relationships with all of our clients. When you’re happy, we’re happy.

Schedule your free consultation

Schedule your free consultation with Adam one-on-one to discuss your goals, assess your current level of health. There is no pressure, and no matter what you’ll walk away with your InBody Results Sheet, and a deeper understanding of your goals.

Learn the Fundamentals

All new members complete our unique 1-on-1 on-boarding sessions, designed to teach you the the skills required to join group class safely and confidently. After demonstrating proficiency with these skills you graduate to group class, and will feel confident in your abilities and know exactly what to expect.

Graduate to group class

You did it! You are officially a CrossFitter. Every day you are building new skills, getting stronger, making friends, and contributing to our amazing community. You can look forward to smashing your goals, and accomplishing things you never thought possible. And we will always be here to support you.


We take great pride in our 6,000 square foot facility. We have a beautiful, inviting lobby, and a huge gym space fully-outfitted with the best equipment from Rogue. The entire facility is impeccably maintained, and uses WODify software to enable our members to reserve classes, record workouts, and track improvements. Athletes can access their WODify profiles from any tablet, computer or mobile device. You can even add your favorite songs to the day’s playlist. We are constantly improving and growing to provide the very best experience for our community. This place is our home, and we take care of it.


Our community is strong, diverse, and close-knit. We hold each other accountable during workouts and inspire each other to achieve individual goals. If you miss a few classes, we will give you a call to make sure you’re okay. Your fellow members will quickly become some of your closest friends, sharing a passion for having fun inside and outside the gym. Many members have even found love inside these walls. Our community is our greatest asset. We love to get to know not just you, but your whole family, and host a number of social events throughout the year. It’s not uncommon for members to bring their children to the gym. We are a family here.


Good technique and safety are the cornerstones of our coaching philosophy. Form is everything (you’ll even see that mantra painted on the wall). Your coaches are experienced and knowledgeable. They emphasize proper form, technique, and safety with every workout. They will help scale movements for each individual athlete, enabling all of our members to be challenged, while progressing as safely as possible. We strive to continually improve and expand our knowledge base to provide our community with the best training possible.


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