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How body composition analysis can help you

The data provided by our InBody 270 is instrumental in both the planning and attainment of health and fitness goals. Strategies that provide immediate feedback are instrumental to success. The scan allows us to establish a clear and accurate baseline that will allow you to set appropriate and attainable goals, and track changes over time.

Simple weight scales or the Body Mass Index fall short in providing accurate data because they only highlight changes in weight. They fail to identify progress in muscle gain or fat loss. To support ongoing success through physical activity, understanding body composition with InBody is key.

The InBody 270 Test provides easy-to-understand, accurate, and objective measurements to evaluate your body composition:


  • Assess muscle distribution and target areas weakened by injury
  • Identify muscle and fat imbalances in each segment of the body
  • Monitor changes to determine efficacy of an exercise program and diet plans to ensure long-term success

FEE $50

Why we trust the InBody 270

All InBody professional body composition analyzers rely on four pillars of technology to deliver quick, accurate and precise results. These pillars allow you to trust that the results reflect your true health from the inside out.

Direct Segmental Measurement (DSM)

Direct Segmental Measurement (DSM) measures water, muscle mass, and fat mass in the five body segments: right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg and trunk. By measuring each segment of the body separately, InBody provides an in-depth analysis of the patient’s muscle-fat and fluid balance in each segment independently. Identifying your lean and fat distribution allows a better assessment of associated health risks while segmental ECW/TBW can be used to identify systemic or localized inflammation resulting from injury, underlying health conditions or surgical complications.

Multiple Frequencies

InBody devices utilize multiple frequencies to measure body water more accurately than commonly-used methods such as weight changes or pitting edema scores. These high and low frequencies measure both intracellular and extracellular water, producing precise measures of each body water compartment. With accurate fluid measures, InBody can be used to identify fluid imbalances or water retention stemming from inflammation or injury as well as monitor changes resulting from exercise interventions and recovery.

8 Point Tactile Electrodes

InBody uses an 8-Point Tactile Electrode system to ensure that measurements always start in the same place, test after test. This technology creates precise and reproducible results, ensuring that the results obtained are a direct outcome of clinical recommendations and interventions, rather than error.

No Empirical Estimations

InBody does not rely on empirical estimations based on age, gender or ethnicity to predict results. With the high level of accuracy and precision achieved with the aforementioned technological advancements, InBody removes population-associated assumptions when determining body composition to ensure results are based solely on the individual, increasing sensitivity to the individual’s unique makeup of muscle and fat, enabling effective tracking of changes.

Sample Results Sheet

You will leave your InBody 270 scan with a clear results sheet outlining your body composition analysis. For more information on interpreting the results, please visit the InBody website.


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